Safe to Race Directive

Social Distancing:

Practice social distancing- Riders must be 6ft apart from others not from their household. 

Remain in pit area when not on the race track. 

Symptom Screening:

If you feel sick, stay home! 

Pit Area:

  • Remain in pit area when not on the race track. 

  • Pits must be 10 feet apart from others. 

  • Camp fires are not permitted 

  • No evening extracurricular activities


  • Advanced registration encouraged

  • Marked lines 6ft apart

  • Rider must use their own pen; pens will not be shared or reused

  • Exact cash is required

Staging Area:

  • Rider and mechanic are only 2 allowed at starting gate. No support crew.


  • Purse earnings or pay-offs will be mailed. No payoffs on-site.

  • "Leave no trace" All trash must go home with you. 

  • Riders bring their own motorcycles and their own riding equipment. Protective gear worn by motocross riders including: full face helmet, protective eye wear(goggles), gloves, boots, long sleeve jersey, race pants, etc. Shared equipment will not be permitted.