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66 E 400 S American fork, UT 84003

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Congratulations to our 2019 Champions!

2019 Awards Banquet

March 14, 2020

Location: Karl Malone Training Center 525 East 200 South, Lehi UT 84043 

Time: 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm 

Doors will open at 7:00pm. 

Banquet details: Each individual qualified rider receives 3 total entries. Additional tickets available for $10, must purchase same time you rsvp.

RSVP at wildwestseries@live.com 

RSVP deadline is February 8th! (no additional seating or tickets will be available after February 8th or at door)

Please plan for transport of large championship trophies. 

If unable to attend, you must plan for your awards to be picked up at the banquet! (No Championship trophies will be held to get picked up at a later date so please plan accordingly)

Below are all the riders who qualify for the Championship Banquet.
  1. Addi Davis: 1st- 50cc Beginner

  2. Jace Hancock: 2nd- 50cc Beginner

  3. Ryder Draper: 1st- 50cc 4-6, 2nd- 50cc Open

  4. Jaxon Bezyack 2nd- 50cc 4-6, 3rd- 50cc Open, 1st- PeeWee Shaft

  5. Ryder Henrichsen: 1st- 50cc 7-8, 1st- 50cc Open 1st-65cc 7-9

  6. Keegan Henrichsen: 1st-65cc 10-11, 1st- 65cc Open, 1st-85cc 7-11

  7. Ethan Webb: 2nd-85cc 7-11, 2nd-85cc Open, 2nd-Supermini

  8. Andrew Tatum-Cohen: 1st-85cc 12-15, 1st- 85cc Open, 1st-Supermini

  9. Dakota Payton: 1st-65 Beginner, 1st-Girls 65-85cc

  10. Mason Sweeney: 1st- 85 Beginner, 3rd-85cc Open

  11. Madison Simpson: 2nd-85 Beginner

  12. Keeon Lowe: 3rd- 85 Beginner

  13. Cameron Rhinehart: 1st-250 Beginner, 1st-Big Bike Open Beginner

  14. Carlos Moreno: 3rd - 250 Beginner, 1st-Vet Beginner 25+

  15. Nick Stens: 2nd- 250 Beginner

  16. Carlee Wallwork: 4th- 250 Beginner, 1st-Womens 15 & up

  17.  Rayce Dolinar: 1st-250Jr 12-15, 2nd-450Jr

  18. Kody Girardo: 2nd-250Jr 12-15, 3rd-450Jr

  19. Brodie Sutton: 3rd-250Jr 12-15, 3rd-Schoolboy

  20. Gage Phillips: 1st-250Jr 16+, 1st- Schoolboy

  21. Rykker Barnes: 2nd-250Jr 16+, 1st-450Jr

  22. Kaden Payton: 3rd-250Jr 16+, 2nd-Schoolboy

  23. Colter Sweeney: 4th-250Jr 16+

  24.  Thomas Wapsock: 1st-Over 30B, 1st-Over 25B

  25. Ryan Noble: 1st-Open 20+, Over 25B

Top 10 Hunter Syddall Forever 30 Championship Winners

  1. Ryder Henrichsen

  2. Keegan Henrichsen

  3. Gage Phillips

  4. Carlos Moreno

  5. Andrew Tatum-Cohen

  6. Ethan Webb

  7. Angelo Fratti

  8. Alexis Huskinson

  9. Rykker Barnes

  10. Tom Hooker

2020 News 

We are excited to announce some new details for 2020 with more to come.

Night race series under the lights on an all new track at Jordan River Raceway.

One single Grandprix event and an AWESOME Summer Series coming your way in 2020 with all information coming soon.

We look forward to seeing everyone. 

We want to give a special thank you to all our sponsors!!